What Are The Plans For WWE Championship And Jinder Mahal?

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

The year of 2017 has been the year when a guy like Jinder Mahal has become the champion. He is a hard-working man, and he has the look to be at the top of the blue brand, but his in-ring skills and the way he was booked before he entered the title picture are something that fans are complaining about. Superstars like Mahal usually don’t rise from the bottom, but the company felt that he was the right guy for the position.

A lot of the hardcore fans are calling for him to drop the title already and the wrestler that is going after it is Shinsuke Nakamura. Their first match was at the Summerslam where Nakamura was a big favorite. In the end, Mahal was able to stand tall at the greatest party of the summer and put the belt around his waist yet again.

Source: bleacherreport.com

According to the reports, it seems that he is going to remain the champion for the rest of this year, possibly even being the WWE Champion until Wrestlemania 34 in April next year. Although there is a chance that he might drop it to Nakamura at the Hell in a Cell pay per view, everybody expects that he is going to be the champion in December.

WWE is going to tour India at the back end of this year, and Jinder Mahal should be the focal point of that trip. Even though the Raw brand is going to be the one that visits India, you can expect Jinder Mahal as the champion to be there in order to sell the tickets. That is one of the biggest reasons that he did become the champion and WWE is for sure going to show him off when they visit India later this year. This is something that a lot of the fans won’t like, but they will have to deal with it.