Ranking All AFC East Teams Before NFL Draft


The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about the AFC East is the New England Patriots. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have had this franchise right at the top of this division for many years in the past decade and a half. The only time that they haven’t won it in the last 15 years was in 2008 when Brady blew his knee in Week 1. They still went 11-5 that season. We know that they are on the top, but what about the rest of the pack?


4) New York Jets – Well, it doesn’t get much worse than the New York Jets 2016 season. Now, it seems that they are even worse and they don’t know who their QB is going to be. Brandon Marshall is not on the team anymore, while the defense doesn’t look as good as it did on paper before the 2016 season started.


3) Buffalo BillsTyrod Taylor will be staying with the squad, but that doesn’t mean that the team won’t look to add another signal caller in the draft. Rex Ryan is not on the roster anymore as he has underachieved with this defense. This crew is looking competitive.


2) Miami DolphinsJay Ajayi sparked this team last year to a great late-season run. The Dolphins finally made the postseason and the season was a success, even though they got bounced in the first round of the playoffs. With a few more tweaks in the draft and with Tannehill improving, they could make the postseason yet again.


1) New England Patriots – The best team in the NFL just had the best offseason out of all 32 franchises in the league. If that doesn’t scream that the Patriots are the best organization in the league right now, we don’t know what does. Even before the draft, they are the favorites to win it all again in 2017.