Texans Best Option Is To Get Tony Romo?

Source: battleredblog.com

The Draft is nearing and Tony Romo is still on the Dallas Cowboys. While they are worried about having two quarterbacks that are capable of starting all season long for them, there are teams that don’t have a single one. Those are exploring their options at the market, but they are also looking at the NFL Draft.

There are squads that want to contend and have a lot of great pieces, but they do not have the biggest one. The major one – a quarterback. Those teams don’t want to have a quarterback that needs to learn the game of football and how it is played at an NFL level. If you are in that position, you would be looking for a signal-caller that is already proven, who has the experience and the tools to lead them to the postseason right away.

When you are searching for that kind of player, you need to look at the market first. You need a free agent. Houston Texans are one of those teams who are in search of a veteran signal caller that is going to take them to that next level. Well, there aren’t many better quarterbacks on the market than Romo.

Source: nflspinzone.com

There is no doubt that Cowboys will release him. He takes way too much of a cap space for them to keep him and for that guy to just sitting on the bench while Prescott is playing. On the other hand, Texans have just solved the problem of Brock Osweiler and his contract. He is not on the team anymore, and Houston has to look for another quarterback. Tony Romo is the best option right now for them, and he probably wishes to sign with them once he gets released.

This team has some decent pieces on the offensive side of the ball, while they do have one of the best Ds in the NFL. When you add Romo to that mix, you get a dark-horse contender in the AFC.