Jerry Jones Stepping Down As Cowboys General Manger


Jerry Jones is a very successful businessman. He is the CEO of the highest valued franchise in all of the sports in the entire world. This man has done everything possible to make the Cowboys relevant and for them to always be the hottest topic during the season, no matter if the team is winning or losing. On the other hand, he has been decent as GM at times, but not as successful as being a businessman.

According to reports, Dallas Cowboys owner and manager Jerry Jones is hiring his former head coach Jimmy Johnson who won two Super Bowl Championships with the Dallas Cowboys back in early 1990’s. They had a big breakup, and the relationship was pretty weird ever since them.

It seems that the two sides reconciled in late February when there was a meetup of the team that won the title back in 1992. Now, Johnson is going to be the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys.


“Yes it is good with Jimmy Johnson,” Jones spoke with the Dallas Morning News. “It’s very good. Jimmy and I really understand the circumstances. To some degree, we have a good feel for each other. I’ve always had to overlook his foils. But he’s had to overlook mine too.”

There is no doubt that the new general manager is going to have his hands full as the draft is coming in a month. Big decisions need to be made, and Jimmy Johnson is going to be in the middle of everything that the Dallas Cowboys do. Jerry Jones will still have a lot of influence on what this team does, but now, there is going to be a new voice in the Cowboys’ office.