Ranking All AFC South Teams Before 2017 Draft


Out of all divisions, there is no doubt that AFC South has been the worst one. Teams over there do have some talented players on both defense and the offense, but it seems that there is no squad that can put the whole picture together. Some are mediocre on both sides of the ball while others have one segment far more dominant than the other. Let’s rank these teams.

4) Tennessee Titans – Even though we are ranking them as the worst, there is no doubt that all of these are pretty close. What causes them to be the last on this list is the lack of weapons on the offensive side of the ball while they also lack playmakers in the secondary. But, they are not much worse that any other team on this list.


3) Jacksonville Jaguars – The fact of the matter is that this squad doesn’t know if they have a quarterback of the future. Bortles is talented, but is he the answer? They have some good pieces on both defense and offense, but it seems that they just can’t make that next step.


2) Indianapolis Colts – Indy has the best offensive player in the division as Andrew Luck really is one of a kind. Still, this crew doesn’t do enough to protect their QB while the defense is bad every single season. They are not better than the Texans.


1) Houston Texans – Back to back winners of the division should be on top yet again. Their defense is a big time, and it is only going to get better with the development of Clowney. They need a quarterback in order to be one of the elite teams in the AFC.