Donald Trump’s Eight Most Expensive Things

Before taking the role of the USA leader, Donald Trump was “just” a regular billionaire with a lot of worthy property, luxurious cars and other usual things that are present in one’s lavish lifestyle. He is still a billionaire, and so we present you his eight most expensive things.

Penthouse, New York

The three-story penthouse is located in the very heart of Manhattan, New York. It is Donald, Melania and Barron’s home. It has a gold and diamond floor, 24-karat gold elements inspired by Louis XIV and crystal chandeliers.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Trump’s first Rolls-Royce was a Silver Cloud from 1956, and it is one of the oldest ones in the president’s collection of cars. What really stands out is the $500,000 Phantom often called “the Best Car in the World.” When ordered, the Phantom can be personalized to the smallest of details, and we all know that Trump loves gold, so guess what? Unfortunately, when he became the US president, he had to give up on this model and replace it with the presidential Cadillac.

Seventeen Golf Courses

Trump adores playing golf, and he spends more time on his golf courses than in the White House. He currently owns 17 golf courses which worth exceeds $300 million. One of those is located in Scotland, two in Dubai and one in Ireland.

Trump Tower

The Trump Tower in Chicago was completed in 2009, and the whole project cost $847 million. The height of the tower is 415 meters, and it has 98 floors, which makes this building the second largest skyscraper in the US after the Sears Tower. There are 27 elevators, and you can find retail stores, restaurants, bars, garages, offices, swimming pools with steam rooms and even a luxury hotel with 339 rooms inside the tower.

Boeing 757

The presidential “Air Force One” is dwarfed by Trump’s private airplane. We are talking about the Boeing 757-200, which was purchased by the current President back in 2011 and inside the plane, you can find bedrooms filled with gold and silk, several cinemas, gold sinks and taps, etc. The airplane has room for 43 passengers while the seatbelt buckles are made of 24-karat gold. The worth of the Boeing 757 exceeds $35 million.

Mar-A-Lago Vacation Resort

The Mar-a-Lago Resort was built during the 1920s, and it is located in Palm Beach, Florida, and it consists of 58 bedrooms and 33 bathrooms. Because of the financial issues during the 1990s, Trump decided to turn this luxurious property into a privately-owned club for all those people who want to be seen. As soon as he has become president, Trump doubled the membership fee to $200,000 while the property worth is estimated to $200 million. Of course, a large amount of gold is used for decorations, and inside the resort, you can find libraries embroidered in English oak with rare books, tennis courts, swimming pools…

Sikorsky S-76

Sikorsky S-76 is not just a regular chopper as it costs $7 million. However, Trump spent additional $750,000 to overhaul the interior according to his own liking and don’t be surprised if you find gold buckles, gold handles, and some other details. There are four luxury seats made out of the highest-quality leather and other extravagant conveniences.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

When German automaker produced this machine, Donald fell in love with it, but who wouldn’t? It is powered by the AMG 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine. The production of this sports car commenced in 2003 when the company announced that 3,500 examples would be produced with 500 units planned each year. Donald opted for the SLR McLaren with the automatic transmission, and its price is $455,000. This is one of the rare vehicles Donald Trump likes to drive personally, and his driver is not permitted to sit in it.