Ranking All Six AFC Playoff Quarterbacks


The Playoffs are where quarterbacks earn their money. It’s the time of the year that separates good signal-callers from the franchise caliber quarterbacks. There are some good QBs in the AFC, but this conference is depleted at that position in the Playoffs. Let’s rank them from the worst to best.

6) CONNOR COOK – We don’t blame him for being sixth on the list. Derek Carr injured his leg, and Raiders Super Bowl dreams died right there. This man hasn’t played much at all in his young career, so we need to put him at six.


5) MATT MOORE – The same can be said for Dolphins quarterback. He was thrown into the fire because of Tannehill’s injury. He has seen somewhat more NFL action than Connor Cook, so that is why we are putting Matt above Connor.


4) BROCK OSWEILER – Well, he has had a bad year. 15 TDs and 16 INTs, it was a horrible season for a guy that has seen a big payday not even a year ago. If Tom Savage didn’t get hurt, he probably wouldn’t even make this list.


3) ALEX SMITH – The first real starter on this list, Alex Smith is third here. He is the guy that is not going to turn the ball over and hurt the team, but he is not the man that is going to make a lot of big plays during the game. Still, he is a good signal-caller that is getting the job done for his squad.


2) BEN ROETHLISBERGER – Two Super Bowl appearances, one Super Bowl title and one of the best quarterbacks in Steelers history. Big Ben Roethlisberger has been great in the past couple of years when he was healthy. Still, he is one of the best QBs that AFC and NFL have to offer.


1) TOM BRADY – Four-time Super Bowl champion might have had one of his best years at the age of 39. In twelve games that he played this season, he threw only two interceptions. Tom Brady is still one of the best to do it even at this stage of his career and is for sure the best QB that AFC has to offer.