Rick and Morty – 5 Moments that Prove Rick Has a Heart


Rick and Morty is a great show about the relationship between a man and his grandson. However, this is not a boring series, because Rick and Morty go through a lot of adventures, visit different worlds and universes where people or whatever creatures live there die or explode.

Rick is a type of character that seems listless and uncaring at first, but after a few episodes, you realize that he actually loves his family and his favorite is Morty, his grandson, a loyal and loving sidekick. Moreover, Morty has a sister called Summer, and Rick cares about her as well, as we had a chance to see that in an episode where his ship responds to the order “keep Summer safe.” Also at the end of Season 1, we can see Rick spending time with his grandchildren while time is frozen. Here are the best moments in Rick and Morty which prove that Rick has a heart.

5. Rick kills Jellybean


In the episode called “Meeseeks and Destroy,” Rick Sanchez and Morty are wandering around the medieval land where Rick allowed Morty to choose an adventure for the first time. During the adventure, Mr. Jellybean tries to attack Morty in the bathroom, but Morty manages to defend himself. However, Mr. Jellybean becomes a king, and while Rick and Morty are leaving the dimension, Rick kills Mr. Jellybean with his gun. Although you might say that Rick doesn’t have a heart, in this case, we strongly disagree. Rick punished Mr. Jellybean for what he had tried to do to Morty, but he also saves the residents of the medieval land as well.

4. The End of Season 2

The end of Season 2 was a shock to all of the fans of Rick and Morty. In the last episode, Rick realizes that he has put his family, the Smiths, in danger and they have to live on Dwarf Terrace-9, which is hard for them. In order to save the entire family, Rick turns himself to the authorities, and the Smiths go back to Earth. Rick is one of the most dangerous war criminals, and he is being locked in the Maximum Security Ward at an interdimensional prison, while the song “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails is played in the background. With this move, Rick shows how much he has grown and developed, and he proves that he cares.

3. Rick C-137 Cries Over Morty

In the episode called “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” we find out that there are infinite Rick’s and Morty’s over the universe. Evil Rick kidnaps the real Rick, and while he is showing the real Rick a footage of him and Morty, we can clearly see a tear in real Rick’s eye. Although he denies that he cries over Morty when he is asked: “You’re crying? Over a Morty?” we realize how much Rick loves his Morty.

2. Photo that Proves Love


Morty decides that he has had enough of Rick and he steals the portal gun from him and goes to the Bird Person’s planet in the “Get Schwifty” episode. If you haven’t watched the series, you should know that Bird Person was Rick’s former partner in crime and still is his close friend. We can see a wall of framed photos in Bird Person’s home, and there is a picture of Rick holding a baby Morty. Bird Person didn’t want to talk about the image, but we know that Rick had to see his grandchildren, although he was away from his family for more than 20 years as we find out in the pilot episode.

1. Rick Saves Morty and Accepts His “Death”


Personally, I believe that “A Rickle in Time” is the most brilliant episode of the show where the time is split, and there are several realities. In one of those realities where Rick and Morty quarrel, Morty falls into the vacuum and Rick dives in to save him. He gives him his collar and Morty manages to return to a “one dot” reality, while Rick is falling into the abyss and all this happens with the Schrodinger’s cats in the mix that are floating around him. However, he finds out that he can fix the collar and returns to safety. What a great granddad.