Ranking Top Coaches By Their Chances Of Success


We already have a clue about which teams are going to be fighting for the Playoffs and which of those are the best squads in the NFL. Every successful team needs to have a good coach behind the operation if they have Super Bowl dreams in any given season. Will will rank the coaches by chance to be successful in the year 2017. They might not be the best overall, but they are most likely to succeed.

5) Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons – They are coming off a Super Bowl appearance. The title was so close, they could feel it in their hands before Tom Brady and the company snatched it from them. Still, they should be good yet again which makes Quinn likely to succeed in 2017.


4) Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – The fans in Big D hope that the Cowboys can ride the momentum from the last season. The offense is still intact, so the Cowboys should be one of the best teams in the league. Garrett might not be on top of the list when it comes to coaching skills, but he is likely to succeed.


3) Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers – When you have Aaron Rodgers on your squad, you are always going to be in contention, no matter how bad the defense is. Mike McCarthy is the play caller for this team, and he will likely be in the Playoffs again.


2) Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks – All of these teams above will probably be good, but we know that Seattle Seahawks will for sure be one of the top squads. They had a bad year in 2016 which meant going to the NFC Divisional Round. That is how you know that Seattle is almost a lock to be good.


1) Bill Belichick, New England Patriots – Tom Brady is a five-time Super Bowl champion. The Patriots are looking like the best team and are overwhelming favorites to get out of the AFC and to win the Super Bowl. It is only fitting for the master himself, Bill Belichick, to be at the top of this list.