World’s Hottest Felon Leaving Wife for Chloe Green?

Once dubbed the ‘world’s hottest felon,’ Jeremy Meeks was recently spotted kissing the Topshop heiress Chloe Green!

Jeremy became popular when he got arrested in 2014. Stockton Police Department posted his mug shot on Facebook, and that picture received 75,000 likes, 20,000 comments, and 10,000 shares! He was booked for gun possession and resisting arrest, his bail was set to £780,000, but his clever mom Katherine Angier thought how it would be smart to capitalize on Jeremy’s fame. She started a GoFundMe page, and soon enough she began raising money for his release.

Jeremy, who is a father of three, previously served a nine-year sentence for grand theft. Having served his penalty, this guy admitted his gang involvement and gun possession on a show hosted by KXTV. Nowadays he is enjoying a modeling career thanks to his looks and fame. However, that is not the only thing he is enjoying at the moment. Since his life has become glamorous, there is a person from his surroundings that isn’t happy at all.

Unfortunately, his wife claimed that she was frustrated because he had cheated on her multiple times even though they have spent eight years together! ‘To me, that’s unforgivable. My whole world has been torn apart by this. What do I tell our children? My heart is broken.’ Melissa Meeks, the wife, claims. ‘My marriage wasn’t perfect but I thought it could be saved, until this happened.’

You are probably wondering what exactly happened to spur this comment. Meeks was caught red handed when photos of him and Chloe Green emerged online. Melissa, his wife, who had been with him through thick and thin was of course enraged. As if that wasn’t enough Meeks is also seeking custody of their 7-year-old son, and in addition to that, he wants a separation of assets!

During the Milan Fashion Week, Meeks enjoyed partying and meeting tons of celebrities, and on top of that, he was caught kissing Green on a yacht in Turkey. However, Melissa thought that Meeks was strictly on business in Turkey. In the words of Melissa: ‘He kept saying ‘I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve this.” The couple has also talked about divorce. Melissa said that she didn’t think that the marriage could be saved. Meeks only concluded with ‘The marriage is over.’

Receiving cold shoulder from your significant other is painful, but just when Melissa thought that that was it, Green added salt to the wound. She posted a picture on social media with her new boyfriend. She captioned it with these words: ‘Just the Beginning… We appreciate all the love and the hate.’ She later deleted it because the audience didn’t think much of it. Internet was having none of it!

‘I know it takes two to tango, but she knew he was married’ Melissa Meeks added. ‘To me, that’s unforgivable.’

Chloe Green is the daughter of Sir Philip Green whose wealth is estimated at $5 billion (courtesy of Page Six). No one is doubting that he is a great businessman in his homeland but recently he unloaded a business, and that resulted in numerous workers losing their pension plans along with their jobs. Because of that, he acquired a negative reputation.

Prior to his fame Meeks was arrested in 2014, and he admitted to being in the gang called ‘The Crips.’ His wife stuck with him through thick and thin, and now, years later he decided to end their marriage. Do you think that’s fair? What would you ladies do if you were Melissa? Would you guys act like Meeks if you were in the same position? Let us know in the comments section below!