Record Sales Expected This Holiday Season Especially Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is approaching soon, and the shoppers in the United States are looking forward to take benefit of the biggest online deals. Retailers are looking forward to some tremendous buying all around the world.

Record sales expected

Market Research Company Forrester said that a record $78.7 billion would be spent in the United States alone in the upcoming holiday season. The estimated amount is 15% more than what was spent, in 2012. Also, the research report noted that around 167 million shoppers will shop online for presents, gadgets and goods. Every individual is expected to shell out around $472 in the holiday season compared to last year when total sales in the United States came in at $68.4 billion and year before it was $59.5 billion.

“Strong economic growth and low unemployment rates project a healthy playing field for online holiday sales and outweigh any lingering dampening effect of the government shutdown,” Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru wrote in the report. The analyst added that more shopping is expected online compared to offline as consumers are inclined to buy more digital devices from stores.

Total estimated sales of $78.7 billion is inclusive of all major online shopping days such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and day after Christmas along with the resale of smartphones and tablets done by the customers.

Retailers to entice customers with many offers

In a bid to allure customers, retailers will offer a range of discounts. Apart from online shipping, discount will be offered to repeat shoppers and promote one day sales. Not only Forrester, but other companies like Adobe Digital Index also forecasted data regarding this year shopping season. Adobe predicted that online sales will be highest this year along with increased spending on the important days such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday will all be billion-dollar spending days with Cyber Monday accounting for the majority of sales at $2.27 billion.

Different research report from different research companies are forecasting a record holiday season. However, the holiday season will last shorter by six days than the usual season and will be the shortest since 2002.  Adobe also said that the shopping season will create a different shopping environment for consumers and retailers. Adobe notes that since the shopping days are less people will get less time to shop in brick and mortar stores, which in turn will increase the online spending.