Recovery Road Season 2 Cancelled

Recovery Road is a teen drama TV show which was inspired by Blake Nelson’s novel published in 2011. The series was announced in 2014 and started airing in 2015 on Freeform. It stars Jessica Sula as Maddie Graham, Sebastian de Souza as Wes Stewart, Alexis Carra as Cynthia McDermott and Daniel Franzese as Vern Testaverde in the main roles, together with Paula Jai Parker, Lindsay Pearce and Haley Lu Richardson as recurring characters.

With Bert V. Royal, Karen DiConcetto and Beth Miller as executive producers, Recovery Road received mostly positive reviews from critics. On Metacritic, it has a score of 70 out of 100, while on Rotten Tomatoes it holds a rating of 7.3 out of 10.

This drama revolves around Maddie Graham (played by Jessica Sula), a teenage girl who enjoys going to parties, not thinking about problems, but hiding from them instead, as she finds her escape wasting her time with friends partying. At some point, however, she is forced to make a choice and decide whether she is strong enough to fight her addiction and get her life in order. She chooses to do that, so she goes to recovery and makes some new friends there, young people who are facing the same problems.

Why was Recovery Road cancelled?

As previously mentioned, Recovery Road was mostly praised by critics after the first season of the series, which comprised ten episodes. However, the drama was not that well-received by the public, as there were only 0.46 million viewers for both the premiere and the season finale. Thus, it is due to weak television ratings that Freeform eventually decided to cancel the series renewal for another batch of episodes. Such decision took the ones who did like the show by surprise, but, unfortunately, the announcement was officially confirmed. In case there are some changes, we’ll let you know, but don’t get your hopes up.