Is Reggie Bush Joining Dallas Cowboys?

Since Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended and he will not play for the Dallas Cowboys in the upcoming six games, Dallas is in desperate need of a running back. Could Reggie Bush, who hasn’t played a single game this season, join the Cowboys? His last productive season was in 2013 with the Detroit Lions when he reached the 1,000-yard milestone.

TMZ Sports reports that Bush could come back out of the retirement and play for the Cowboys, but it is up to Dallas to invite him. You should know that this is just a speculation and the America’s Team has shown no interest in Bush. Another player who would like to wear the Cowboys jersey is Terrell Owens, but that doesn’t mean that Jerry Jones will call him.


Current Dallas running backs are all focusing on power and Bush would add his speed and pass-catching ability to the mix. However, if Dallas really needed a running back so badly, they would have addressed this issue at the trade deadline. And they didn’t do that.

Apparently, Dallas coaching squad is satisfied with the running back corps with Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden. Both of these players have a lot of experience and have been playing at a high level in the past. Plus they know the offensive schemes since they have been in the Cowboys system for a while. Adding Bush could be both good and bad, and there is no reason for the Cowboys to go after the retired running back.

Of course, the fans would love to see Bush playing for Dallas, but that is not going to happen.