Is Jericho Returning To The WWE After Omega Match?


In one of the biggest news of the week, we found out that Chris Jericho is going to be facing Kenny Omega at the Wrestle Kingdom 12 event for the IWGP championship, the main title for the New Japan Pro Wrestling. This came as a big surprise since we know Chris Jericho to be the WWE guy, that is where he made his name and became as popular as he is today.

Nobody really knew that Jericho was a free agent. His last days under the WWE contract were after Wrestlemania where he lost the United States championship to Kevin Owens. After that, he was free to do whatever he wanted as he was no longer a WWE Superstar.

Y2J did make a few appearances outside of the WWE, but he never made this big of performance. In early January, he is going to be in Japan battling for one of the most important titles in all of the wrestling business.


With that being said, is he going to be back in the WWE? Yes. There are reports that Chris Jericho will sign another deal with the company after the match and that he will appear on Raw as soon as during the 25-year Anniversary edition of the Monday Night Raw that is going to take place in late January.

The company is not angry at him for taking this match with Omega as this is a “one-off” deal. Even if Vince and higher-ups are mad at him, the fact of the matter is that he is a free agent that can do and go whatever and whenever he wants. That is exactly what Y2J is going.