Roman Reigns Back On Monday Night Raw?


After a couple of weeks of being out because of the sickness that cost him the spot in the main event of the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view, Roman Reigns is going to make his return to the ring on this final episode of the Monday Night Raw before the Survivor Series. The Big Dog has been cleared to make a comeback on this go-home event and has already been put in a big match.

There is no doubt that his biggest rival of this year has been Braun Strowman. These two had a lot of battles with each other, and both of them ended up looking good in this feud, which is something that WWE isn’t able to pull off often. Usually, it’s one superstar that looks bad while putting over the other one.

Braun Storwman and Roman Reigns are going to face off in a Street Fight this Monday as this match is being advertised for the show. Something is likely going to cause this fight to end in a draw, and there will be some action in the ring that nobody had planned.


Right now, Roman Reigns doesn’t have a role in the Survivor Series pay per view, but everybody expects that to change. The New Day cost Rollins and Ambrose their tag team titles last week, and we don’t expect that to be out of the show as well.

It’s likely that Roman Reigns is going to join them in an effort to take down the New Day. That match is likely going to be announced for the Survivor Series next week. That way the WWE will get Roman and the rest of the Shield on the show and under the spotlight.