Big Superstar Will Return To WWE Next Week!


Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen Paige working to make her in-ring return. She has been out of action with a couple of nasty injuries, including her neck problems that even threatened to shorten her career. The doctors told her last year that she might have to end her wrestling career because of the neck surgery, but fortunately, her problems weren’t as serious.

The anti-diva had a really tough past twelve months. Paige’s private videos and photos were released without her permission, which was the biggest story for a month after those images were leaked. The WWE really didn’t make comments on the situation, continuing their pattern of behavior when issues like this one emerge. Staying quiet has proven to be the right tactics when it comes to WWE dealing with something like this.


Over the past couple of weeks, Paige has been down in Orlando at the Performance Center, getting ready to make her return to the ring. The anti-diva is now ready, and she is going to make her big comeback this week on Monday Night Raw where she is going to fight with Dana Brooke, Mickie James, and Bayley for the final spot on Raw’s Survivor Series team. The original plans were for her to be on Smackdown Live, but those have changed.

This is a nice way to bring Paige back and get her up to speed on the WWE main roster. Adding her to the match is going to enhance the battle and will add more star power to the show itself. It is for sure going to be fun to see Paige in action again. Expect her to get a big pop when she does come back.