Reigns vs. Strowman Can Be A Major Rivalry Going Forward

There are a lot of great rivalries in the history of the WWE. Two guys just going at it every single time that they meet as their hatred for each other is always at an all-time high. Just look at the days of the Psycho Sid and Shaw Michaels or even Brat The Hittman Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now, that was two guys hating each other with every single fiber in their bodies.

When we look at this feud that Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman have, you can honestly see that they make you believe that the hatred is there. A Moutain Of A Man is that dominant heel that WWE lacks right now. Strowman fits in that picture pretty well. Reigns, on the other hand, is the babyface that is never going to give up in a fight against any bad guy, including Strowman.


These two also work very well in the ring. They have a great chemistry together which makes it all more likely for these guys to have a great feud going forward. The backstage segments are also great as we have seen them going at each other twice, with Strowman being the one standing tall after both of these fantastic battles were over.

After the showdown at Payback, Reigns was helpless backstage, but Strowman really didn’t care about that as he came in like a freight train and ran down Roman, beat the heck out of him yet again and left him all beat up. This means that this feud is nowhere near over and you can expect that The Roman Empire will try to strike back as soon as the injuries, that he has per storyline, heal. All of this is just a great way to make this feud even more important and to make it look like these two superstars really hate each other while battling for supremacy.