Revis Again Gives Up Big Play For A Monster Gain. Is He Done?


Darelle Revis has always been considered as one of the best cornerbacks of all time. Before he went to a surgery, he was a dominant force on defense while playing for the Jets. After his recovery, he showed that he can shut down receivers. He was one of the best players while winning a Super Bowl in New England. But is he on the decline.

In Week 1 AJ Green torched him with 180 yards receiving including a 55-yard TD catch. And Revis was the one who was covering him. Or at least he was the one trying to do that. Everybody was trying to see if that pattern will continue against the Bills. And people didn’t have to wait a long time before seeing him get burned.

And Marquise Goodwin was the one doing the burning this time as he escaped from the Revis Island with ease and caught and 84-yard pass for and took it in for a Touchdown. This man showed an amazing speed as he ran 22 Miles Per Hour. What a play by Goodwin.

But this wouldn’t have happened to Revis from 2009 when he was one of the best players in the league. And for sure the best cornerback in the NFL.

Is the guy who is considered to be the 2nd greatest corner of all time, behind Sanders of course, actually done? He can still be a decent corner or even a safety. But is he done being a shut-down cornerback? Only time will tell. As of right now, it looks like he is on the decline.