Is Rex Ryan On The Hot Seat After Bills Fired Their Offensive Coordinator?

Buffalo Bills are now 0-2, and the team is hitting the panic button. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman was the first one to pay the price for two Bills’ losses at the start of this season. Will Rex and Rob Ryan face the same fate?

Although Buffalo’s offense improved in Week 2, they looked horrible against the Ravens. Somebody had to pay the price for that. Greg Roman took the hit for Ryan brothers, but they are for sure on the hot seat. Bills were a Playoff contender last year, so it’s no wonder that fans and higher ups had high expectations for this team.

Unluckily for Buffalo and Ryans, it doesn’t get easier for the Bills. In Week 3 they are facing Arizona Cardinals, and they will be underdogs. They could pull up an upset, but it’s a long shot. Rex Ryan needs that win, but it’s hard to beat the team that is one of the best in the NFL, especially after looking as bad as Bills did in their first two games.

Will Rex Ryan get fired next week if Bills lose? Probably not, but if he does, it means that Cardinals dominated the Bills and that team owners really don’t see anything that tells them that things are most likely going to get better in near future. His days in Buffalo are numbered if Bills don’t look great in Week 3.