Richard Sherman – Jerry Jones Has The Old Plantation Mentality

You could learn a lot from Richard Sherman about football but also about burning bridges. While we do not know if he ever wanted or had a chance to play for Cowboys, we are pretty sure that after this statement he is not going to come to Dallas.

In an interview he gave to USA Today’s Jarrett Bell he spoke about the national anthem policy that NFL and NFLPA are creating. It is clear that both sides want to come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement on how the players should conduct themselves during the national anthem.

When it comes to this issue, 49ers cornerback stated that it is “awesome” that two sides are working together to deliver a rule, but also added that decisions they make would influence the entire league. As a result, we could see some “unintended consequences.”

Sherman said: “If they did this [original policy] to appease people, they didn’t appease anyone. It’s like putting a Band-Aid over a broken leg.”

We know how Jerry Jones likes for his team to be in the news as often as possible, but sometimes, it would be a smarter thing not to be there. Sherman had a few things to say about Jerry Jones, and with that, he definitely won’t get an invitation to Dallas.

“The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, with the old plantation mentality. What did you expect?” This is how Sherman commented Cowboys owner stance on the national anthem protests. Just a reminder, both Jerry and his son Stephen stated how players that want to play for Dallas would need to stand for the national anthem.

This is not all, and it is clear that league wants the dust to settle so they asked Jones to stop commenting on the new anthem policy and what the NFL is preparing. Malcolm Jenkins, Philadelphia Eagles safety went so far as to call Jones a “bully.” On the other hand, America’s Team quarterback Dak Prescott supported Cowboys owner saying that there are other places where police brutality and racial injustice can be protested and that those should not be a part of NFL games.