‘Rick and Morty Season 3’ Trailer: News and Updates

The audience can now have a short glimpse at ‘Rick and Morty‘ Season 3 which could be found online. Rick’s escape from prison is what is apparently lying ahead in the upcoming season. The first part of the video is set in Morty’s high school. From there it moves onto intergalactic battle and finishes with Morty and Rick screaming at each other on the ship.

By all odds, the new season will bring many adventures and interesting undertakings, having that Rick declared: “I need a vacation.” But apart from Rick’s escape from prison, there is nothing more in particular revealed for the fans.

In addition, Rick did not see Marty die while being at the wedding, so we could as easily presume that he is alive and most likely arrested.


The strong friendship between the two is also seen it the scene when Rick drops a picture which is a proof of how much he misses Morty. We could also speculate on Rick’s possible plans to get himself in the prison so that his friend would be released.

He also said: “I don’t think Morty knows how to use the portal gun to break Rick out and unless Rick had a spare portal gun that exploded at the wedding. And by giving himself up in the way he did his family is free to return to Earth.”

To get more information on the new season, take a look at the WaltWalt’s post online. Until that, it only remains to wait for the Season 3 and see whether out predictions were true or not.