‘Rick and Morty’ Spoilers


Recently we acquired some photos that reveal season 3 of the popular ‘Rick and Morty‘ TV show. These pictures depict a whole new world called ‘Rickstaverse.’

As you all know, we had Earth in season 2 of the show. However recent series of photos (courtesy of Carrot Creative) show that the Earth has been expanded. Go and see for yourself on Rickstaverse Instagram account. You can explore numerous locations of the ‘Rick and Morty’ world.

We discerned from those photos that Gromflomite is taking over the Galactic Federation. We could also see numerous aliens living among humans.

While looking through these pictures and exploring the Rickstaverse, we realized that this universe was Summer’s work. Why? Because Rick was still in space. We saw a lot of things among which there was a vegan restaurant that was crowded with vegetables protesting for their rights, Mr. Poopybutthole’s swaggy crib and the Smith house. According to ‘Paste’ Mr. Poopybutthole exclaimed his anger over writer’s delay of the season 3. We feel you Mr. Poopybutthole, we really do.


These photos are available on Internet browsers however we advise you to look them up on your phone since they are optimized for mobile devices. Point and click principle isn’t suitable for PC. Not as good as it is on phones. What do we mean by point and click? Well, for example, there was a picture of a billboard-style ad and user can click on a tag that will get him to a whole new set of images.

Some users had difficulties while exploring the Rickstaverse, so the developers made a special account made for giving instructions and help to those who need it. Adult Swim took it even further by creating a short clip that is like a manual for fans of ‘Rick and Morty‘ on how to navigate the app. We’ll leave the ‘manual’ below.

We also looked forward to a possible update on the release date of the season 3, but unfortunately, there is no official word on the matter. Except for Dan Harmon’s apology. He went on to say that he was sorry at YouTube’s event in Park City, Utah. We’ll leave his exact words here ‘I don’t have a release date for Season 3. It’s not that I know it and I’m not allowed to say it.’ He also added ‘What I will tell you is it’s late because of us, it’s late because of me.’
Have you tried exploring the Rickstaverse? What do you make of it? Leave your comments below.