Bobby Roode Speaks About His Glorious Theme Song


One of the biggest factors for the character of each wrestler is his theme song. That alone can go a long way as it can get him over with the crowd. WWE produced a lot of great new theme songs in 2016, with the two most notable being Shinsuke Nakamura‘s beautiful intro song as well as the “Glorious” theme song that Bobby Roode has now.

He was a huge star in TNA, but WWE managed to get him over with the fans as soon as he debuted. His theme is named “Glorious Domination, ” and it is one of the most popular ever in the company. Everybody is singing his song when he enters the ring as it is pretty catchy and it fits his character so well. The song became so popular that it got to the number one spot on iTunes at one point. That alone shows just how good of a job the company did with Roode’s theme. Recently, he spoke about it.


In his interview, Roode said that this wasn’t the primary idea for his song and he thinks that it was prepared for somebody else. The first song that they introduced to him was not this one, but in the end, he says that he is happy with the theme that he has.

“When I listened to it, it was totally different than what I had previously and totally different than everybody else on the roster. Whenever you can be different and unique, that’s a good opportunity. I didn’t love it at first. But the more I listened to it, the catchier it got. Obviously, it caught fire. It was the number one song on iTunes for a little bit of time there. So it was a blessing.”