Two Major WWE Stars Rumored To Switch Brands


WWE decided to go back to the brand split that was in place for years. The reason was the fact that USA Network wanted better ratings and Vince thought that the best way of achieving that is for the Smackdown show to go live. But, why would people care about Smackdown being live or taped if it is the same kind of show that it was before?

That is why two different rosters were introduced, so the fans have a reason to tune into both shows every single week. Raw is an hour longer, so that is why they do have a deeper roster and more stars to utilize on a weekly basis. But, the main attractions on both rosters are what matters the most, and when the time for a new draft comes, everybody will be talking about the top guys and where are they going to end up.


Right now, there is a rumor going around that two of the top guys in the company are going to switch brands this year. John Cena is going to be out for much of the year after Wrestlemania 33 and Roman Reigns is the one that could be going to the blue brand in order to have more heels to feud with. If he stays as a babyface, there are for sure more new guys for him on Smackdown.

On the other hand, AJ Styles is in this “firing” storyline, and he could be leaving Smackdown as a part of that story and on his way to Monday Night Raw. Vince stated that he would like to see him on the flagship show so this is not a surprise.