How to Choose The Right Yoga Top For Your Body Type

We put a lot of careful thought when we choose the right yoga mats to exercise comfortably. Did you know even the clothes we wear also matter while doing yoga? Yoga is technically getting our bodies in sync with the environment around us using breath control, particular body postures, and is even spiritual for some people.

For this, the body should be relaxed and you should be very comfortable. Hence, the clothes you wear are very important. Although yoga bottoms are given more importance, yoga tops are crucial for proper arm and spine movement. It even affects your breathing capacity to some extent.

So, what are some things you should remember about buying yoga tops? There are a few general aspects and there are some specific requirements for your body types. It is important to know both of those points. This would help you visit websites like FIRM ABS Yoga Tops and know how to select what suits you.

Requirements for a good yoga top

Before going with which top would suit which body type, it is important to keep the mandatory requirements of a yoga top in mind. They are breathability, flexibility, and lightness.

1)   Breathability

The material should be breathable. No one wants tight, uncomfortable clothes that have elastic digging into your flesh when employing different positions. You’d have to avoid nylon and extremely tight spandex material which can stick to your skin. This material is only preferred by people who do regular gymming too, apart from yoga. You’d also want to avoid body-fit nylon which can make you chafe.

2)   Flexibility

Yoga requires a lot of flexibility too. You wouldn’t want your pants to tear or get a run when you are in a specific position. That sort of self-consciousness would hinder your concentration and the yoga session would not feel fulfilling.

3)   Lightness

Light clothing that doesn’t even feel like you’ve worn it is always recommended for yoga. You wouldn’t want pure cotton either as it holds a lot of moisture and can make you feel cold at the end of the session.

So, now there are a wide array of options for good yoga clothes. You get yoga tops and pants that ensure your utmost comfort during yoga sessions. Women’s yoga workout tops are getting really popular and now there are so many options within that! However, there are a few things you have to remember while choosing the right yoga tops.

How to choose the right yoga top for your body type:

1)   It should fit snugly around your waist and hips.

Generally, most yoga outfits tend to be tank tops that are loose, made of breathable fabric, and allow good surface area for air to reach your body. You wouldn’t sweat much in tank tops and your arms would feel cool and free.

The tip here is that no matter what your body type is, choose tank tops that mildly fit snugly near your lower torso. Yoga has a lot of positions that require you to bend or go upside down. This snug fit will prevent your top from falling to your face and you would be less self-conscious.

2)   If you are very curvy in your upper torso, choose this.

Most women have this problem where they are torn between wearing a bra or not wearing one during yoga. It feels comfortable without one, but it also simultaneously feels uncomfortable in certain postures.

Hence, if you are a little heavier on your top half, then prefer yoga tops with in-built sports bras. Some tops even come with a halter neck or high neck which can prevent you from worrying about your cleavage. They would be tight and you can exercise without any discomfort.

3) If you are very flexible and slim, opt for this

Some people are very flexible and like trying out more challenging yoga positions. They would prefer clothing that is very light and since yoga is highly aerobic, they’d want more air around their body.

For them, tops with large armholes and midriff exposed would suit them better. This allows them more freedom of the spine movement and they don’t require much upper torso support.

4)   If you are lithe, casual wear won’t go wrong.

If you are very comfortable with yoga, and it is a part of your daily exercise among a plethora of other exercises, then wearing casual clothes is best. This way it would be light on your body and you wouldn’t sweat easily.

Many people prefer casuals while doing exercise, especially if they are complementing yoga with another exercise. They often warm up the body with a jog and then end their workout with yoga or vice versa. These people are often lithe and can opt for casual wear.

5)   If you are athletic, this would suit you to a T

Many athletic people prefer full-sleeved, nylon, or spandex material for hardcore work out. They feel this tones the whole body and better prepare their body for lots of exercises. This sort of outfit retains body heat, allowing lesser wastage of body heat and allows them to work out longer.

People often wear this while in the gym and then while performing yoga to give their musculature more toning. These types of yoga tops are technically sweat-wicking and generally paired with similar yoga bottoms. This is also preferred by people who get self-conscious about their bodies during stretching.


Yoga tops are catered to bring the best out of you when you do yoga. They allow a lot of comfort, provided you choose the right type for you. Sometimes it may be disappointing when you don’t like yoga because you feel you don’t have the comfortable clothing for it. Do not lose heart, do a little research, dig into a few websites that guide you properly about wearing the right type of yoga top.

The takeaway of yoga varies from person to person. It is an experience that unifies the body and mind and would boost your energies if done right. Make sure you get the right yoga top, and you would definitely get the best out of the yoga experience! As we started the article with the mats, you can find more on Pureful Yoga.