5 Innovative Wellness Trends to Promote Better Life Management

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The health and wellness industry are booming with so many new ideas, trends, and influencers all offering up their version of the best thing ever. Deciding which new trends to consider adding to your life can be challenging, and even overwhelming. Combating the feeling that you must do so something to achieve your wellness goals can counteract the initial reason that you sought out a new habit in the first place.

We all have busy, full, lives, and for many people it is all too common to put themselves at the bottom of the list. Finding ways to add wellness habits and self-care routines into your life in a manageable way is going to take some trial and error. The good news is, that with this recent abundance of ideas comes a greater chance that you will find something that both supports your goals and suits your schedule.

Virtual Appointments

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While most medical professionals were initially forced to take their services into the virtual space, many have learned through that process that there are benefits to be had by continuing these efforts beyond the time that it is essential to do so. Virtual appointments allow patients to receive treatment without the hassles that come from an office visit. This trend has even moved into more niche spaces with specialized programs being created for specific demographics of patients.

There is an all-in-one telehealth provider created for universities and college focusing on the unique needs of students to customize a complete care solution. Students who have moved away from their known network of doctors to attend school now have the option to stay on top of their healthcare needs without having to procure new professionals in their college town. Life management skills are essential at this stage of life, and for many students this is one of the first times they are solely in charge of having to handle their own affairs 100%. Telehealth has made it possible for students to view campus as a place where they thrive, if you click here you can learn about how the pandemic is impacting student mental health as well as how telehealth is working to ease those challenges.

Intentional Nighttime Routines

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It is not new information that a good night’s rest is essential for your overall health and wellbeing, but what is new is the suggestion that a consistent nighttime routine can enhance even the most restful night’s benefits. The elements that you include in your routine should feel personal and authentic to you and are totally customizable.  Creating a bedtime routine puts your body into a relaxed state in preparation for sleep.

Some common practices to consider trying out are cutting off alcohol and caffeine at a specific time, unplugging from all electronic devices, having a warm drink, taking a warm shower or bath. Setting yourself up at night for an easy start to the following day will increase your feelings of a well-managed schedule. It is common knowledge that insomnia and inconsistent sleep can have a variety of negative impacts on your productivity the following day. A nighttime routine sets you up for a smooth transition from night to day.

Home Organization

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It has been said that if your eyes see chaos, your body feels it. Your home should be a space where you feel most welcome, calm, and comforted. Creating an organized home is a great way to remove excess stuff from your life, by removing the physical things from your space that do not serve your serenity. Organization skills do not come naturally to everybody, but thanks to the emerging trend of home edits, they no longer must. Even the ineptest organizer can research hacks that make sense for their spaces and put other people’s innate skills into practice within their own homes.

An organized home also means decreasing the volume of choices you must make day-to-day. By streamlining your closet, you now have only viable options to pick from while getting dressed, refrigerator organization takes the guesswork out of meal prep, scaling down the volume of children’s toys that are left out minimizes messy common spaces, etc. Purposeful placement of things inside your home can also benefit your spending habits. Being able to see what you do and do not need decreases overspending due to guesswork and knowing that you must bring the purchased good home to its specific space creates a practice on intention regarding haphazard shopping.

Intuitive Eating

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Diet culture was formally the top dog within the space of food trends. Formally, diets that have specific names, goals, and rules were what people adopted as gospel for their everyday food choices. However, as of late, intuitive, and mindful eating are seeming to lap diet culture as the top wellness trend to consider. Intuitive eating helps you tap into your body’s instinctive knowledge to feed yourself exactly what you need to feel your best.

This style of eating has nothing to do with your weight, it involves coming to peace with your body’s needs, letting go of food guilt, and ending the attachment to following strict diet rules. You will find that ditching the restrictions of diet culture will promote better life management through less stressful meal planning and the absence of food failure. Listening to your specific body instead of a rule book removes the anxiety from grocery shopping, snacking, and occasional indulging.

Digital Detoxes

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Cutting off electronics and screens as a part of your nightly routine is a great practice, however a new trend is emerging that involves complete digital detoxes to promote wellness and life management skills. The 24/7 nature of an overly digital culture can be all-consuming. Especially with the rise in work from home opportunities, the number of hours each day that we spend in front of a screen, and virtually engaged with someone or something is shocking. A digital detox can bring you back to center and show you areas in your daily routine that can stand to have digital connectivity eliminated.

With the rise of the tech industry and the introduction of exciting products designed to create an ease of life, it can be challenging to draw a hard line. The perk of a detox is that through elimination, you can better identify which products and practices should be reintroduced to your life based off necessity, not popularity. Learning about how you can thrive without certain digital aspects increases your self-reliance skills and promotes a life that has balance between screens and silence.