River Monsters Season 9 Release Date


Terrible stories of the danger from the depth of some rivers are told on the Animal Planet more familiar to us as River Monsters. Season 8 premiered in spring 2016, so it’s highly possible that the following season will be delivered this year.

The series debuted on Animal Planet in 2009, and it is produced by Icon Films of Bristol studio. The host of this docu-series is a biologist and an extreme adventurer – Jeremy Wade.

The danger and the urge for adrenaline have always attracted people, as well as the mysterious depths and what lies in them. However, a high number of daredevils captures and kills animals. What makes them do this? Although they are dangerous, they deserve to live.

Jeremy’s goal is to find out what lies behind these awful attacks. Some of the species are wels catfish, goonch catfish, piranhas, arapaima, alligators and freshwater shark species.

When it comes to the animals’ safety, there’s nothing to worry about since they are released back to their habitat. Moreover, their extinction is not possible.

In the latest episodes, we were acquainted with numerous saltwater predators from Australia, Mexico, and Bermuda in particular.


As far as reviews from the critics and the audience are concerned, they are rather mixed, believe it or not. Nonetheless, no one can deny that the series is highly popular. The rating on IMDb is 8.2 out of 10, which is a great success. On TV.com the series has an even higher score, 9.2 out of 10. This score comes as no surprise since the series is of high quality.

River Monsters Season 9 Release Date

As we have already mentioned, the eighth installment of the series was released in spring last year, and we see no reason why the next one should not be released this year. However, no official announcement has been made yet, but we are looking forward to the arrival of the next season of River Monsters.