Riverdale Season 2: New Release Date? Cast Changes?


Riverdale Season 2 to air later this year?

A lot of folks were surprised when Riverdale started airing in January. Instead of being a classic teen drama/mystery this show successfully grasped the attention of millions by displaying an intricate and complex storyline. Everyone expected a sweetish teen drama show since this is still an adaptation of the Archie Comics but it proved to be fun and full of clever little details referring to pop culture, and on top of that there was also a number of easter eggs.

Season 2 was confirmed in March as millions were still watching the season 1. The sole fact that we had an official confirmation of the sequel before the first one even ended means that production strongly believes in the potential of the show.


Riverdale Season 2 New Release Date!

Fans living in North America will be the first to see the continuation of the story. It will air on October 11, 2017, on the CW. After that, it will premiere on Netflix UK on October 12, 2017. As the season progresses, new episodes will become available on the streaming service in less than a day after they air in the USA.

Season 2 Length?

Archie Comics confirmed that there will be a total of 22 episodes of Riverdale Season 2! It is clear that we are in for a treat since the first season only had 13 episodes. Producers have already filmed the first episode, and it will be called ‘Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying.’ This was confirmed by no one other than the man himself, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. He tweeted it on May 23.

New episodes info

Not only did Roberto reveal the name of the first episode but he also revealed something else. Again, he used Twitter to inform us, and these are the names of episodes fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen:

Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks

Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods

Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls

Cast changes


The main change lies in the recast of Reggie. Since Ross Butler got involved with Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, Charles Melton will take on the role instead. You may remember Skeet Ulrich, he played Jughead’s father FP Jones, well, he will be back in Season 2 as a series regular. He had 7 appearances in Season 1. Sarah Schecter stated for Deadline that ‘He’s a stellar actor and we feel we have just scratched the surface of who FP is!’ TVLine also confirmed that Casey Cott got promoted! Casey plays Kevin Keller, and now he became a series regular. Archie’s mom, Mary Andrews, will be played by Molly Ringwald. Archie Comics confirmed this through their official Twitter account on June 26.

Character additions in Season 2

Hiram Lodge spent season 1 in jail, and Mark Consuelos was assigned with his role. He will finally appear in Season 2, and Marisol Nichols (plays Hermione Lodge) confirmed it by sharing a Lodge family photo on Twitter with the caption saying ‘Lodges are back baby.’ Brit Morgan will be playing Penny Peabody as he was cast in this recurring role. Penny is also known as ‘Snake Charmer’ an attorney the Southside Serpents keep on a leash. She really doesn’t like to get paid with money, she rather opts for ‘favors.’ According to Deadline Jughead will discover that when he enlists her to help his incarcerated dad.

Riverdale Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a trailer yet. We’ll let you know if they release it.

Season 2 Plot?

At the end of season 1, we saw Fred Andrews getting shot in front of his son Archie and we were left puzzled. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared a few words about this cliff hanger when he spoke to Entertainment Tonight. According to him, the identity of Fred Andrew’s shooter will be ‘The mystery that launches season two.’ He also insinuated that (maybe) this occurrence is no accident at all: ‘I think there’s definitely a lot to that theory… Hermione says to Veronica, very clearly, if Fred doesn’t sell, it’s going to be really bad for him. And the next thing we see is Fred getting shot. I think that’s one of the first, most likely suspects in my mind.’

When asked about a possible Riverdale ‘civil war’ that could happen in season 2 he said: ‘In the finale, Betty alludes to it with Jughead. She says, “I don’t want to let the civil war rip us apart.” I can tell you that there’s a civil war brewing between the north side of Riverdale and the south side. That’s something that will really be playing out and complicating our characters’ lives throughout the season.’
Through Reddit, we had a chance to hear from Cole Sprouse. He was there to answer some fan questions and share his thoughts on the upcoming episodes. When asked about season 2 he said that it will be ‘darker and weirder. much darker. much weirder.’ He also added that ‘tone and genre elements that we touched upon in the cinematography and narrative are getting a big emphasis in season 2.’

Betty-Archie-Veronica love triangle?

Aguirre-Sacasa said in his interview with Environment Tonight that he thought how the love triangle was ‘bubbling underneath.’ These were his exact words: ‘Yeah, I think the love triangle, whether we’re playing it directly, or it’s just bubbling underneath, it’s always sort of a part of the show…’

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