Robotics Convention in Silicon Valley Sees World’s First MotoBot Make It’s Bow

One toddler-sized robot announced to the captivated audience who were packed inside the convention center which is located down in San Jose during an enactment of a scene in the Star Wars movie that, “finally the enemy had been defeated.”

A few seconds after its announcement, the robot them started dancing to Thriller, the Michael Jackson hit song before it took a tumble and got back on its feet and kept on with the song. The robot is said to be a social robot that has the capability of reading your email and making a conversation with you however you want it.

As the little robot did what its engineers wanted it to do, nearby a MotoBot, believed to be the world’s first motorcycle robot was put on a Yamaha YZF-R1M, and did a great job riding the motorcycle which made the regular motorcyclists feel pretty insignificant and jealous. In the next room, crowds were eyeing a sea drone boat together with a $75,000 military tank robot which can be used during war fights.

This was all taking place at RoboBusiness, seen as one of the most entertaining and important robotics conferences in the world. To see any robotic trend, show off any of our fancy new gadgets or just be awestruck with any of them, this was definitely the place to be. Objects from DARPA, to NASA and AI was all being showcased at the conference. The event took place between Sept 28 and 29 in Silicon Valley, considered to be the birthplace of most of the technology we use nowadays in our lives.

The editor in chief of Robotic Business Review, Tom Green, 2017 to 2024 might just be the most important years in the history of robotics itself. The sales of the industrial robots are said to be at an all-time high and the amount of money from venture capital firms which is pouring in is said to have tripled from last year. 2016 has also seen a rise in the personal robots development, the exoskeletons, the sensors, and many more.

Thomas Low, the SRI’s robotics program director said that the MotoBot was the first time that anyone had created a humanoid robot which could ride a motorcycle. He said that they were trying to make a robot that would be able to stand with the highest competitors in the field. Currently, the MotoBot’s top speed is 187 mph. The creators of the bot have autonomous driving in their minds and they see it becoming a test for high-speed bikes measuring performance.