Tesla Model X Is The Key For Achieving Companies Delivery Targets

image source: fortune.com

The goal of Tesla Motors to deliver 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles in this year has been reduced to 79,000 but will they make it? Reports suggest that they might be able to reach it and that the key to this success is the production of Model X.

It won’t be easy as we will need to see a decent increase in Model X deliveries for this to happen. But what we could hear by now is that the company is gunning for big Q3 figures that should allow them to meet the expectations of investors and fulfill the promise given before the beginning of this year.

The obvious reason for the slightly lower number of delivered vehicles is the production delays of Model X vehicle. One of the sources told us that they are currently working on the possibility to build pretty much identical number of both Model S and Model X cars. As a result, a total of 580 robots is found on the line where the electric crossover is assembled while only 160 are working on sedan production.

This can be combined with what Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors stated: “I think in sort of a nutshell, the way to think about Tesla right now is that we are right around 2,000 cars a week, and we’re trying to balance the mix to be roughly half X and S.” With this move, it is possible to see improvements as more and more things are coming into their places allowing faster production.

For the company to even dream about reaching 79,000 units in this year, they will need to push the production to 2,000 crossovers per week. This would result in a total of 20,000 to 23,000 units in Q3. Luckily, we will not have to wait much longer for official results to be brought as we expect to see figures no later than Monday.

In the next few weeks, it is possible to see even further improvements. Elon Musk stated that these numbers can be upped to 2,200 units per week at the start of Q4 and that it is realistic to see 2,400 vehicles assembled weekly before the end of this year.

image source: tesla.com

To achieve the goal of 79,000 vehicles in this year, the factory needs to push at least 20,000 vehicles in this quarter, but 21,000 might be what investors are looking for. Even with that number, they would need almost 30,000 in the next period for completion of the task. It is a hard job but still doable.