The Rock Is The Greatest Talker Ever In WWE

Wrestling ability is important for the success in the world of wrestling and the WWE. You need to be able to put on good matches in order for you to get over with the fans. But, the ability in the ring is not the only thing that matters. There were a lot of people that were good workers, but lacked charisma and couldn’t rise to the top.

Personality is important for the success in this competition. You need to be interesting and appealing to the fans in order for them to care and be invested in you. Speaking of that, there is nobody that was more successful in engaging the crowd with his work on the mic than The Rock. He is the best talker that ever stepped a foot in the WWE/WWF ring.

His charisma and personality are what got him over with the fans and the reason why he was so successful. He was never scripted and told what to say. This guy had many catchphrases, and the people loved it. When he was in the ring with the mic, you always smelled what The Rock was cooking, whether or not you were one of the millions (and millions) of The Rock’s fans.

We just used two of his many catchphrases that got him over with the fans. He was always funny, yet he never laughed. Always focused on his delivery and performance, The Rock made sure that you are entertained. He was good in the ring, but everybody knew that he was at his best when he was with the mic in his hand. There is no doubt that he is the greatest ever to do it in the world of WWE while making himself one of the biggest draws ever.