Rodgers: “On The Back Nine Of My Career”


Even though Tom Brady just won his fifth ring in an amazing fashion at the Super Bowl LI, there are still a lot of fans that support Aaron Rodgers as their choice when it comes to the best quarterback in the game. They are in their own league, but there is no doubt that Rodgers is at least close to Tom, if not even better than him. The rings don’t add up, but the pure football skills for sure do.

A throw that Aaron Rodgers isn’t capable of making doesn’t exist. He can make every play in the book if you need him to. The arm, the feet, the accuracy and the decision-making, are off the charts with this man. We have seen against the Giants and the Cowboys in the Playoffs just how good this QB can be when he is on his A-game.

There is still only one ring on his resume. Yes, he is still in his prime, but the clock is ticking for Aaron Rodgers. He is getting up there in age, and the window of opportunity that he has is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Even he admitted that he has entered the latter part of his career,

“I think I’m on the back nine of my career,” Rodgers used the Golf term. But I think I’m just kind of starting the back nine. This will be my 10th year starting, I got to sit for three years. So I’m not the typical 13-year pro, having the opportunity to sit for three years and not take the wear and tear to learn the game.”