Roger Federer has his boy band back! Djokovic makes a surprise appearance(VIDEO)

Roger Federer, Grigor Dimitrov, and Tommy Haas drew much of attention at the Australian Open in January. They posted a video which made many people laugh, but it seems that the video was not a joke to them. On the video, we can see the three of them singing together while David Foster is playing along on the piano. They performed the Chicago hit Hard to Say I’m Sorry. However, their “talent” for music suggests that they should continue doing what they have been doing best so far- playing tennis.

But this is not the end of surprises or people from the world of tennis who want to try themselves out in the world of music. While the boys are clearly enjoying themselves, a video bomb suddenly cuts to Novak Djokovic, who seems to be in his office. Novak also gets a chance to show his talent, by singing an ‘after all that we’ve been through’ line. On the video, the current world No2 tennis player has his feet lifted up on the desk, and as he starts singing the line, he stands up, spreads his hands, enjoying the moment. The scene must be a real pleasure for the audience.

If compared to the last singing video they had together, it could be noticed that the three have been working on their musical skills and that they have really improved.

“No seriously, we’re actually starting a boy band: The one handed #BackhandBoys,” is what Roger Federer posted on his Twitter account.

Federer might be inspired to sing again as Australian Nick Kyrgios left the ATP tournament in Indian Wells, California with illness. They were supposed to meet at quarterfinal.

Roger is showing his best game these days. He managed to enter into the last eight after beating one of his greatest opponents – Rafael Nadal. This would be the first time he gained a third straight back-to-back win against Nadal.