Roger Federer: My wife Mirka believes that I can get back on top

Roger Federer is currently in the process of recovery from injury. He took more than a half year to dedicate himself to complete healing. Back injury and some minor tweaks to his body made him take this decision. It was not an easy task for Federer as it wouldn’t be for any other athlete, but Roger had support from his family and most importantly from his wife, Mirka.

Federer stated that it means a lot to him that his wife believes that he can get back to the top and be number one in a world of tennis again.

Legendary Swiss tennis player hasn’t won Grand Slam tournament since 2012 and the same year was when he was standing on top of the list. It seems like an eternity has passed since.

After this year’s Wimbledon, he decided that he has had it enough. His body needed rest, and he sacrificed his position in world tennis and points on ATP tour so that he could heal completely and return victorious in 2017. His official return to competitive matches is not scheduled yet, but the public is expecting to see him on Australian Open.

Despite having lot of time to recover, to get his body in shape and to regain his previous form there are a lot of doubters that he can get back on top. Many are questioning his ability even to reach the final of any of the Grand Slams. He thinks otherwise and has a full support of his wife, Mirka.

These are his words on his lady and this subject: “She can’t wait to see ma healthy and on the court again. She believes in me and that gives me strength. When she looks at me she can immediately see what is wrong. I already asked her if I can do the things on the court like I used to. She responded positively. If she had any doubt I would be the first to know.”

2016 was not easy for Federer. He was heavily defeated by Djokovic in the semi-final of Australian Open and later had his knee injured. He missed a couple of weeks and French Open in order to return on Wimbledon only to eventually lose the semis.

In the end, Federer draws positives from all of this. He stated: “It wasn’t all of it that bad. I had a lot of time in the summer to spend with my children. That was very important to me.”