Sharply dressed 750 HP Ford Mustang ready for SEMA!

Another SEMA is here and once again Ford has prepared something awesome for the muscle car fans! The pretty awesome looking 2017 Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang is introduced and already on the SEMA showroom floor!

The SEMA show takes place from November 1st to November 4th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and it is going to host a sea of vehicles, car manufacturers, parts manufacturers as well as a whole bunch of fans, and car enthusiasts. What is going to set apart this SEMA show from the previous ones is the special edition 2017 Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang (only 50 will be made) that is going to be this year’s biggest head turner.

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This special edition Mustang hosts an enormous amount of gold accents on its custom-made body as well as on the 20-inch wheels that are wrapped in the brand new Nitto 265/35 ZR20 front and 305/30 ZR20 back tires. The look is more than aggressive with its thick front splitter and extended side skirts while the back of it is graced with a wing mounted on the trunk and a custom diffuser that is hosting quad exhaust tips at both sides. The ride height has been adjusted to give it the race-like stance that goes more than good with the rims and wide tires. What rounds up, perfectly if I may add, with the exterior look of the car are the upper and lower grille surrounds topped off with a custom made hood that has two prominent air inlets that are supposed to help the 5.0 L V8 engine take a deep breath while whooshing down the road.

Since I have already mentioned Ford’s Coyote engine, it is good to know that it is not naturally aspirated anymore. The tuners decided to slap on the 3.2 L supercharger kit on it and shoot up the HP of the ride from series 435 to an eye-popping 750. What is even more fascinating is that this is a base upgrade package from Kenne Bell and besides that entry level option, they are offering two more, even stronger kits. My dear God, you may be saying just about now, how much more can it offer!? Well, hold on to your chair because the top spec kit can offer over 1.500 HP from the same V8 engine!!! The car that we are covering (750 HP one) delivers its massive power to the rear tires through the standard six-speed manual gearbox, with a short-throw cue-ball shifter with the reverse lockout in the cabin.

The interior received several “updates” if you like. The driver and co-driver are graced with a pair of extremely body-hugging Recaro seats that are dressed in leather with pearl white and black combo finish. Console lid and door panels are following the design of seats and complement the rest of the car, while the entire interior look is rounded up with the new set of Hurst-branded floor mats. If you are able, we recommend you to book the first flight over to Las Vegas Convention Center and catch it live!