Rolls Royce to Start Using Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite to Improve Engine Efficiency

Rolls Royce PLC

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), one of the leading players in the technology industry has partnered with Rolls Royce, another big player and leading manufacturer in aero engines for the airline and aviation business market.

The two companies announced their partnership at the Hannover Messe industrial fair, where they announced they were going to bring new capabilities to Rolls Royce customers. Rolls Royce plans to incorporate the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and the Cortana Intelligence Suite into the service solutions it uses, thereby increasing and expanding its digital capabilities supporting the current and next generation of Rolls Royce intelligent engines.

Rolls Royce is responsible for powering more than 50,000 flights around the world every month, which means the company has to continually improve their aircraft efficiency, drive up aircraft availability and ways to reduce engine maintenance costs for its customers.

Rolls Royce offers service solutions

To accomplish that, Rolls Royce gives a wide range of service solutions which include the TotalCare services, one of the best in the industry. The services are driven to keep customers engines gaining more value for them. One way to deliver the services, is through the observation of trends and any anomalies, making use of right data to help airline operators find ways to save money and improve operations.

At the industrial fair in Hannover Messe, the two partners, Microsoft and Rolls Royce, will show clients how their partnership is going to work. By using Azure IoT Suite, Rolls-Royce plans to harvest data and aggregate it from sources which are disparate and geographically distributed. Cortana Intelligence Suite will be used to uncover data insights.

They plan to collect data sets such as the engine health data, air traffic control information, route restrictions, and fuel usage data, which can then be used to detect and find any anomalies in the system and can then be used to provide intelligent performance feedback on findings. Through the use of Azure Stream Analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboards, the goal is to uncover data insights will enable airlines to improve their operational performance and thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

“Our customers are looking for ways to leverage the digital landscape to increase efficiency and improve their operations,” said Tom Palmer, senior vice president, Services, Civil Aerospace, at Rolls-Royce. “By working with Microsoft we can really transform our digital services, supporting customers’ right across engine-related aircraft operations to make a real difference to performance.”

The Microsoft corporate Vice President for Microsoft Azure, Jason Zander, also had good rapport to say about Rolls Royce. He mentioned that the car and aviation manufacturer was a leading global pioneer and through their partnership and through their use of Microsoft Azure, they gained to deliver even much better service to its clients across the world.

The partnership signifies a shift in engine management from its current proactive monitoring of the engine health and inflight performance. Rolls Royce airline customers will now be able to better retain asset value throughout the engine’s lifecycle reducing any potential disruptions and there saving millions per year.

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