Roman Reigns Also Back On Monday Night Raw!

Smackdown Live go-home show has something to live up to as their rival Monday Night Raw put on one of their best episodes in a couple of weeks. It started really well with Stephanie for once bringing up some legit points and not just saying things that don’t make sense. As soon as she was getting ready to fire Kurt Angle, the Shield music hit and they showed up in the crowd.

It was not only the two-thirds of the faction that we have been seeing for the past couple of weeks. The third member of The Shield also showed up as well. Roman Reigns, who missed a whole month on TV, was back in action on the go-home show.

He stated that they want the New Day at the Survivor Series as they have cost Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins their tag team titles last week when they interrupted the match and caused the distraction.

We knew that Roman was going to show up as the WWE wants to have The Shield on the show in a big match.

The company has also given us the tease of what the Shield is capable of and what we can expect to see on Sunday. They faced the team of The Miz and The Bar. We have seen all the moves from the Shield, all of the tricks that we are used to seeing from these guys and the things that we are going to witness in their prime matchup this Sunday.

Triple Power-Bomb to The Miz was more than enough to keep the Miz down for the three count, and it is likely going to be enough to put down the New Day for good at the final dual pay per view of the year.