Top 14 Lamborghini car concepts!

15List of Lamborghini concept vehicles

We all know what Lamborghini is capable of. Beauty, elegance, power and that scent of Italian engineering. Magnificent is the appropriate word to describe Lamborghini vehicles. And we all know how it started. Enzo Ferrari insulted Ferruccio Lamborghini that wanted to help and build better Ferrari did and thought to himself ‘Oh, why don’t I start my own company and make better cars?’ That’s how it all started.

However, an interesting thing happened all the way back in 1967. The new Miura was selling fine, and everything was going okay, but Ferruccio decided to call Nuccio Bertone and Marcello Gandini and ask for something revolutionary. You see, greatness doesn’t result from something being fine or very good. If you want to achieve greatness you have to make a revolutionary contribution. We think that Ferruccio wanted that too.

And that’s how we got the Marzal. It had a transversely mounted six-pot engine and some wheels. Alongside those features came gullwing doors with an outstanding amount of glassware (at the time). Magnificent, amazing, awesome. Even Prince Rainier of Monaco couldn’t keep his hands off this vehicle. The year’s Monte Carlo GP was opened by the Prince in the Marzal.

That’s how ‘the revolution’ started. An incredible concept. And from that point on, Lambo became well-known for their concept cars. So let’s go back and refresh our memory of Lamborghini’s greatest and bravest concepts. Some seem outlandish, but they are 100% worth mentioning. Let’s begin.