Roman Reigns Comments On Being Compared To The Rock


It’s not easy to be the face of the company. Everybody expects a lot of you both when it comes to the performances in the ring and mic, as well as handing yourself in public and being the poster boy for a billion dollar company. A lot of guys have done it before Roman Reigns. There have been some highly successful, while there were those who just couldn’t live up to the hype. Roman is trying to be more like those who found the way to make it work.

It seems that he was hand-picked to be the franchise player. Yes, he is a great in-ring performer and has worked his tail off for the past seven years. That is true, and nobody can take away that from him. But, the fact of the matter is that there were those who worked even harder but have never gotten the opportunity.

Guys before him that were the top guys in the company usually fought their way to the top and then they were given that monster pushes. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Roman, which is not his fault. It’s just what Vince McMahon wanted.


Now, he is being compared to guys like The Rock and John Cena, people who were on top back in the day and who became huge Hollywood stars. Here is what Roman had to say about those comparisons.

“It is a great responsibility. It is a big plate. But for me, I never look at it as being the next anybody. I just want to be the first Roman Reigns. It is very flattering and you are in good company when you are compared to people like a John Cena or a Dwayne Johnson. But all I can be is me. Roman Reigns. And that is all I want to be. So as long as that is good enough for me, I love and respect myself enough to be happy and satisfied with that.”