For Final 4 Games, Dallas Cowboys Need Playoff Mentality


Dallas Cowboys are still eligible for the playoffs this year, but they need to win all four games left, and in the end, that might not be enough for them to get a playoff spot. Their first opponents are the New York Giants, who have a score of 2-10 this season compared to the Cowboys’ 6-6. Dallas should come with the win, but it is never easy when the two bitter rivals meet, and both teams will want a W badly.

“It’s just playoff starts now. Simple as that,” quarterback Dak Prescott said. “You’ve got to embrace it. If you play this game and you don’t love, if you don’t love the fact that your back’s against the wall and it’s about you do every week or every day that it pays off on Sunday, that’s what makes this game fun.”

The Cowboys recovered with the 38-14 win against the Washington Redskins, ending a three-game losing streak. For Prescott, that was not a good game since he had to be sidelined in the first half after bruising a throwing hand. Dak used the weekend to reduce the swelling, but he says that he has “no limitations. It’s not holding me back from doing anything. It’s simply bruised. It’s fine. Good to go.”


Despite the slight injury, Prescott managed to complete 11/22 passes for 102 yards, and he had two TDs at the end of the game. One of the notable plays included a throw to Dez Bryant for a touchdown.

“The biggest thing is gripping the ball and being able to throw it the way you want to throw it naturally,” Garrett said. “But he’s a tough guy, he’s a physically tough guy, he’s a mentally tough guy, so we don’t anticipate it being a big problem.”

According to Prescott, he could have performed better against the Redskins, but he said that it was an improvement compared to the previous three matches, when he got intercepted five times and had no touchdown throws. He said that everything that has been happening would help him grow and create a connection with Bryant who is the Cowboys’ top receiver. About their relationship, Prescott said: “We’re still working. There’s a lot that we can take and grow off of that was good, but it’s still not perfect or not where we want to be, so we’re going to continue to work on that.”


The combined score of the three losses was 92-22, but Prescott said Dallas is back on track after the last week’s victory. They now have the momentum against the Giants, and they will have to use it.

“I’m sure they’ll have a different energy,” Prescott said. “New coach, Eli back in there. It’s also Cowboys-Giants. It’s going to be there, and the energy’s going to be there regardless because it’s a rivalry, it’s in the division, and it’s two teams that are playing for pride, a lot of pride and then obviously us trying to make the playoffs.”


“The whole point of us winning out, it motivates me,” Prescott added. “I feel like it should motivate anybody in this locker room. We’re not looking at letdowns. We’re not looking at anything. It’s one thing in our head and it’s to win. Win every game. Right now it’s about winning today at practice. We did that and we’re going to win tomorrow and give us the best shot to win on Sunday.”

After the New York Giants, the Cowboys are going to face the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, and Philadelphia Eagles. The schedule couldn’t have been worse for the America’s Team, but there is no giving up now. Do you think that Dallas will secure the playoff spot and play in the Wild Card weekend?