Roman Reigns Or John Cena – Who Wins?


One of the most intriguing storylines on WWE TV has been the one where John Cena came to Monday Night Raw in order to challenge Roman Reigns as he believes that The Big Dog is nothing more than a guy that is supposed to be Cena rip off. Well, a lot of fans agree with that as this storyline has had a lot of real life things involved in it, with promos sounding like a bit of a shoot and off the script.

The fact of the matter is that WWE wanted the guys to say all the things that they said to each other as they want to add that real life feel to this story. The writers have even left them to say whatever they want, which we can see in that week one promo of this feud where John Cena just ripped Roman Reigns and destroyed him in the mic battle.

Two weeks later, and it is 3:0 score in favor of the leader of Cenation when it comes to promo part. Reigns is supposed to come out of this feud looking really strong, but his performances on the mic are something that might hold WWE back when they think about how they want to book matches between these two.

At No Mercy, we don’t expect that there is going to be a winner. This is a huge feud that will drag out for a couple of pay per views, maybe conclude at the Survivor Series. Maybe we get some long term booking and have this duel for the title at Wrestlemania next year? Who knows. But, one thing is for sure – nobody is pinning anybody clean at No Mercy.