Roman Reigns Says He Is Not A Babyface


WWE wanted to put Roman Reigns at the top of the mountain. They wanted him to be the next face of the company, to be the guy that is going to represent the company in the mainstream media, somebody that is going to be a symbol of the whole WWE. They knew that John Cena’s time is running out and they wanted to push somebody to the top, that clear-cut babyface that is always going to overcome all the odds. In the end, Cena has always stood above everybody. That is what they wanted to do with Roman.

The fans have seen through what they were trying to do. They rejected this guy as the babyface since the day his monster push started. Whoever is in the ring with him gets great reactions. That really tells you everything that you need to know when it comes to the reaction that Roman is getting.


On paper, he is a babyface. But in reality, he is the most hated man in all of the wrestling, which is actually not his fault. Reigns could have been used much better, they could have given him something that is going to show his qualities and hide his weaknesses. Here is what he said about how he feels about his character.

“I don’t go out there and act crazy and flail around and be a heel. I don’t come out there smiling and kissing babies, telling each town it’s my favorite town at the end of the night. I kept it real. Sometimes I’m in a good mood. Sometimes I’m in a bad one. I want my character to be as human as possible, but not just a regular human that you see every single day.”