Russell Brand Talks About His Cooperation With Dwayne Johnson On Ballers

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Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers are returning on HBO, but we will have to wait a few more months for this to happen. While we are waiting for the new season, it has been reported that Russell Brand will be working with Dwayne on the future episodes. We could hear him sharing more details about both series and working with The Rock.

When asked about how it is to film with Dwayne and how the big guy is on set, Russell said: “He’s a big beefcake, isn’t he? He’s a great sort of glorious, shimmering dome of masculinity.” After this, he started talking about his character and what his main goal in series is.

The main goal of the comedian is to antagonize Johnson, he will do anything to annoy him as much as he can. “It was really good because there were bits where I thought, ‘I’ll just say what I like to him now, really wind him up,’ thinking he can’t smack me in the mouth now because this is all pretending.”

Other than that, we could hear Russell speaking highly about his experience on Ballers show, and we can’t wait to see the result of this cooperation. It is certain that both of these superstars will give us a lot of great moments on TV.

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One more thing that Brand talked about was the car crash in which his mother was involved. This happened earlier this month as she was on her way to her son’s house with his chauffeur in an Audi A8. Vauxhall Astra hit them, and the driver fled the scene, she was supposed to babysit her granddaughter Mabel.

Luckily, both Brand’s mum and chauffeur sustained only minor injuries but still went to the hospital. “She went home in the week,” he shared. “She’s recovering really, really well, thank you for asking.”