Russell Westbrook Again Loses To Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors have already met one time this season before this matchup last night. Warriors have dominated the Thunder in their first matchup and last night was no different. Both of these duels took place in Oracle Arena, so nobody probably expected a tight game. Russell can’t overcome all those great players on the Warriors side.

Kevin Durant was spectacular in their first matchup as he just flat out took over in the first half and Thunder just had no shot to get back into the game. Russell didn’t do well in that first duel, but he bounced back last night. What was that good for? Well, a 21-point loss.

Westbrook finished the game wth 27 points, 15 rebounds, and 13 assists while he hit only 8 of his 23 shot attempts. Good outing by Russell, these are his classic numbers. Maybe they are a bit overrated, but still, a triple-double is nothing to sneeze at.

On the other hand, we have the best scorer in the NBA. Kevin Durant is just flat out lethal, and his skills were on full display. He finished the game wth 40 points and 12 rebounds while hitting 13 of his 16 shot attempts. His efficiency is to be admired, and his rebounding can’t be overlooked as he is having the best season of his career in this segment of play.

At the end of the day, Kevin Durant is pretty satisfied with his decision to leave OKC and Westbrook in order to join the Warriors crew. Even though Russell has had an impressive year, he is still not on the same level as Kevin Durant.