The Curse of Oak Island: “About Face” Update and Preview

In the last episode of the famous TV show – The Curse of Oak Island, Lagina brothers discovered something ultimately uplifting. The audience was given another clue which leads us one step closer to revealing the mystery behind the buried treasure. According to legend, up to 7 people are predicted to die before the treasure is found and only one person is left.

On January 10, 2017, Rick and Marty Lagina, the Michigan brothers spearheading the island’s latest exploration, sent a professional diver to the bottom of the island’s aptly named, “Money Pit.” The pit, originally named for its supposed hidden wealth, has also gobbled up a lot of green from explorers hoping to find gold!

The pit is a 170 foot deep, 40-inch wide shaft that the current exploratory team believes may be the underwater home to stolen pirate booty. When the diver reached the shaft’s murky, clay floor his underwater metal detector went haywire.

This situation left the two brothers on the edge as Marty rejects the thought of sending the diver back to the bottom. Rick on the other hand strongly believes that something could be found down there and that the area should be thoroughly explored. Which decision they finally took, we’ll see tonight in the new episode of the show.

“About Face” will obviously be of high importance as we will see what it is that brothers revealed upon returning to Oak Island. Will an ancient Micmac Indian relic take the team to a different direction? It only remains to wait and see.