RV Vacations: The Safest Way to Travel This Summer


COVID-19 has put a spanner in many travel plans but that doesn’t mean you need to skip the vacation altogether. You simply need to take a look at the options available and decide the most appropriate method of taking a holiday.

The first thing to note is that much of the world is still suffering from COVID-19, even those places where lockdowns have ended are being vigilant, ready for a potential second wave. Even if you can find a plane flying where you want to go you have to ask if you’ll be able to get back again. Alongside this, there s the additional risk of heading to countries with different healthcare systems and potentially an increase in coronavirus cases.


That’s why many people are looking to take a vacation in their own country this year. The great thing is that you already live in a beautiful country, there are certain to be some fascinating areas you’ve never explored before.

But, how do you get there and where do you stay? There’s a reason why more people are looking at motorhomes for sale from sydneycaravansandcampers.com.au.


It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to a top hotel, resort, or looking to grab a hostel as and when needed, you have to consider the cleanliness of the place. The simple fact is that all the rules and regulations in the world don’t make a difference. The hygiene standard of your bedroom comes down exclusively to the cleaner. If they stick to the rules your room should be clean and safe, if they don’t you won’t know what you are sleeping in.

That’s the big difference when you take an RV vacation. Your home is packed up before you leave. The RV can be cleaned completely, as can all the furnishings you add. This is then a safe zone, providing you follow a few simple precautions on your trip you’ll find this is the cleanest place to be.

Those precautions should revolve around removing shoes before entering, keeping items outside the RV until you know they are clean, and always using hand sanitizer before you enter the RV, that will maintain its status as a safe place.


Choosing a destination can be difficult at the best of times but the virus makes this even harder. Although Australia has a host of attractive and desirable destinations, it is impossible to say that the destination won’t be on lockdown when you get there, leaving you with a vacation issue.

This isn’t an issue if you take the RV. You can create a route that hits all the places you want o see, allowing you to see a multitude of places. This isn’t always an option when you take a standard vacation. While on the road you simply need to stay abreast of any changes in the virus, should areas be experiencing dangerous increases or become locked down, you can simply change course and go somewhere else. You don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the hotel or even finding somewhere to stay, your RV will supply everything you need.

Purchasing Vs Renting


It is worth noting that purchasing an RV is not the cheapest option, even pre-owned RV’s can cost thousands of dollars. This can lake the idea of renting an RV attractive. While it is certainly an option you should consider the cost of renting. It’s not just a rental fee, there is a hefty deposit and penalties if the RV is damaged. That means you’ll need to be careful when inside and outside the van.

Unfortunately, having to constantly think about the RV means you’ll find the experience less enjoyable.

You also need to consider the cleanliness of the RV when you receive it. Although it should be cleaned to a high standard you may feel more comfortable giving it a fresh clean. This will ensure it is as clean and virus free as you want it to be.


Purchasing an RV means giving it a thorough clean. But, after you’ve done that you can relax and enjoy the vacation, it’s that simple.

Reducing Costs

Before you groan at the cost of purchasing or renting an RV consider where you’ll be saving money. The average site has reduced its rates in order to get the customers in, that’s good for your wallet. In addition, you can have the odd night at the side of the road, at no cost.

The cost of fuel has also decreased and is likely to stay low for the foreseeable future. That means it’s going to cost you less getting from one place to another.

Even allowing for the rental cost of an RV you’ll find that this type of vacation can be considerably cheaper than your traditional one with a plane trip. You may even find that it’s more fun and more educational than your standard vacation!

Going Green

It’s worth noting that this can also be a way to help the environment. Surprisingly, there are several eco-friendly RVs on the road, available through dedicated hire companies.  These are made using recycled resources and have minimal pollution when in use.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider is cleaning a hire van. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that the RV is cleaned and disinfected properly before you take it. Make sure the firm you rent the RV from has taken the proper precautions and can show the cleaning is up to standard.

You will want an RV with a bathroom to ensure you don’t risk infection at shared facilities.


An RV vacation is the best way to stay safe this year while experiencing parts of the country you’ve never seen before. But, you must take sensible precautions choosing the RV and using it. Specifically, be aware of the areas where the risk of infection is high and avoid public spaces in those areas.

A home on wheels is more than just a vacation choice, it can actually be a lifestyle choice. You may just fall in love with the freedom!