How Long Does It Take for CBD to Take Effect

CBD industry is relatively new in today’s world. For a short period, it became some sort of viral subject among people. Many countries around the world legalized CBD for medical and recreational purposes. Despite that, it is important to say that many people became aware of the benefits they get.

On the other hand, a small group of people still does not have a positive opinion about CBD products. You can often hear them saying that CBD is some sort of narcotic. The main reason why they have this sort of opinion is the lack of information.

The most important thing is to get familiar with this subject. Fortunately, you came to the right place to improve your knowledge. We won’t try to convince you in any way that using CBD products is good for you. After reading this article, we will let you make your own conclusions.

Difference Between CBD and THC

This is the main reason why people do not understand the positive side that CBD brings. They often believe that CBD and THC are the same thing. THC is one of the psychoactive substances that you can find in Marijuana. It can bring certain benefits that you can also get from the CBD. For example, it can reduce nausea and anxiety, relieve pain, etc.

Marijuana as well contains a small amount of CBD. Yet, the CBD that people use comes from hemp. The legal hemp contains only 0.3% of THC. In other words, consumers won’t get “high” if they start using CBD actively. This is only one big difference between these two substances. You should read more about some other major differences and understand this subject better.

The Absorption of CBD

First of all, you should know that different people use a different dosage of CBD. The universal dosage for everyone does not exist. You should know, as well, that not all CBD will make it into your bloodstream. Despite that, not all of it will come to your endocannabinoid system. Keep in mind that CBD has the most impact on this part of the brain.

Anyway, the amount absorbed into the bloodstream is well-known as bioavailable CBD. This type of bioavailability is hard to explain and it depends a lot on certain factors.

Consumption Method

CBD users consume this incredible substance in several different ways. At first glance, intravenous administration seems like the most effective method. However, when you look closer, this is not the most popular option among people.

Because of that, they usually decide on oral administration. In some cases, CBD products can come in the form of tinctures, capsules, edibles, etc. More precisely, this includes everything that you can swallow. There are two different ways that we have to highlight. First of all, it will take a longer period to reach your ECS. However, at the same time, it will have the longest effect. In this case, it will take between 1 and 6 hours to take effect.

Despite these two methods, there are certain alternatives that people use. Methods such as sublingual consumption, smoking, and vaping are extremely popular as well.

User’s Weight

Let’s imagine that you have a friend that started using CBD actively. The products he uses relax him and help him to manage stress. However, this doesn’t mean that your organism will respond in the same way.

The weight of a person has a huge influence on the way how CBD will affect you. More precisely, it directly influences circulation, metabolism, and overall health.

People with more fat cells will have the ability to store more CBD. In theory, users with more kilograms will get a prolonged effect. Logically, this will also influence the dosage you need to take. For example, people that have between 150-240 pounds should take between 15 and 20mg 2 times per day. Yet, this only counts in theory. It is always better to visit an expert and analyze your overall health and other important factors.


Many entrepreneurs in the world realized that huge demand for CBD products can bring them a fortune. Yet, that doesn’t mean they will all bring you the desired quality. Some of the products might contain additives, impurities, and different carrier oils. All these things will reduce the quality of the product you are using. Logically, that will also change the way of how CBD will affect your body.

You probably understand now why it is hard to predict how long does it take for CBD to take effect. It also depends a lot on which symptoms exactly you want to get. We will give you one example that might give you a clearer picture.


We once again need to say that the consumption method is one of the dominating factors. Let’s imagine that you inhale vaporized CBD oil. The effect might come immediately after inhalation. However, if you decide on oral consumption, the effect might come for a couple of hours.

How Long CBD Stays In Our System?

CBD absorption is the key factor that influences the effect. Yet, how long CBD will stay in your organism depends on how much fat you have. More precisely, people with more fat cells will have the chance to store more CBD in their system. Logically, that will also ensure that CBD stays there for a longer time.

Despite the method of consumption, it also matters if there is a presence of some other medications. Other medications will directly influence bioavailability. If you use a lot of medications, the activity of CBD in your body will surely be lower.

Despite that, it also matters how much you consume each day. If you consume high doses (150-1500mg), the substance will surely stay longer in your organism.

Bonus Tip: How to Store CBD Properly

Skipping this part would be a huge mistake. People usually do not know how to store their CBD products properly. If you use those that are highly concentrated, they can easily crystallize. This will make them hard-to-consume.

You should keep all the products in the dark and cold place. For example, a refrigerator or pantry might be the best possible option you have. Anyway, you must hide them from direct sunlight. In the end, avoid exposing CBD to air. Oxygen can easily reduce the quality of your products and make them ineffective.