8 Video Editing Tips and Techniques for Beginners


Video editing is something you can do now and hire a pre-professional. Thanks to many applications, today it is very easy to report it via PC, Mac, or even your smartphone.

People usually say that shooting is easy. And it is. But making a good video is not. You will notice that there is often a problem with the sound, that you have recorded a stray dog that accidentally ended up in the frame just when it shouldn’t.


We all like to see the title at the beginning of the video, perfectly shot shots accompanied by the perfect sound quality of the favorite song in the background, scenes arranged exactly as you imagined, slight transitions from one scene to another, and so on. 

Take the time to search and choose the right software 

To help you master how to edit video, you need to take some time and google which software is best for it. Pay attention to the interface and the tools offered. Don’t choose one just because it has the most options and tools, but take a good look and think about what you need. Also, the most expensive does not necessarily mean that it is the best. Some free apps will serve you very well. It is always good to read the reviews that can be found on the Internet, and of course to take the advice of a friend who is already experienced in this field. Some easier to use ones will be just fine when it comes to a beginner.

Also, if you’re looking to reduce video size for easier sharing and storage, there are user-friendly tools available that can help you accomplish this task with ease.

Use a fast computer 


Although there are many applications with which you can edit video even over the phone, to get the quality you want, it is desirable to have a computer with a good processor. You can use whatever you want, be it a PC or a Mac, as long as it’s fast enough and you don’t slow down in your work.

Use keyboard shortcuts

You will save a lot of time if you personalize the interface and use shortcuts to use various tools and options. It is also necessary to express so that you would not be surprised when you read words like Jump cuts, J cut, L cut, and so on. 

Watch tutorial 

Today, it is possible to find a tutorial on how to do it for almost everything. Make the most of this and find a video on exactly how video editing works. This will help you master the ease of use of any program. We are sure videomark.net will help you with it, helping you master it in the easiest possible way.  The advantage of watching the tutorial is that you don’t have to try too hard to understand like when you read, all you have to do is watch the video and do everything the same, step by step. Also, if it was recorded too fast, you can always pause until you have taken all the necessary steps.

Create a video or import one

To start editing a video, you first need to create or import it. Adjust the settings to suit you. Now when you imported it, you can start with editing. Timeline is one of the easiest ways to edit your video. In most apps, you will find it on the bottom of the screen, and in the upper part, you will be able to find various tools and raw material you transferred from the camera or a computer. You will see IN and OUT options. You will click IN to mark the beginning of editing and OUT to finish it. This is part of a video clip where you can use the drag’n’drop option to move it to the timeline. You will now be able to review recorded and cut the best parts. 

Choose the best angle for filming


It is very important to take care of the angle from which you shoot, as well as the shots you capture. It also depends on the video we shoot. For example, if it is a documentary, then the focus will be on the person and there will be no need for the camera to wander from that person over furniture and other things. On the other hand, if an interview or news is being done, the scenes will change more often.


Use effects

To soften the transitions from one scene to another and get the video smoother, you need to make adjustments for certain effects. Don’t be afraid to try them as much as possible, because it’s hard to say by heart which one would suit you best. To avoid noise and various unwanted background sounds, you need to eliminate them by inserting background music. As for the choice itself – the sky is the limit. It can also be a piece of background music with an order, instrumental, sounds from nature, or anything else that you consider appropriate for that video.

Many effects can contribute to quality video, and some of their contemporary films, split and widescreen, slow and fast motion, fade in and fade out, and many others. For example, the old movie effect is good when you want to emphasize that the radio is past the time, or to emphasize nostalgia for the same.

Final edit 

Now that you have done everything, you need to watch the video to be sure that you have not forgotten anything. Make sure the sound is behind the pictures because that is what happens often. But don’t worry, it can be easily corrected in the last phase of editing. Make sure the sound is behind the pictures because that is what happens often. But don’t worry, it can be easily corrected in the last phase of editing, thanks to the fact that, on the timeline on which you are editing video, audio and video are divided into two parts. There are also various sound markers that you can play with, increase or decrease, edit, and so on.