Ryan Reynolds teased the Deadpool 2 with the X-Mansion image!

Deadpool keeps surprising us every time. After storming theaters last year and blowing our minds, Deadpool isn’t stopping just yet. As you all know the sequel is being filmed and as time passes we get a glimpse of what is to expect every now and then. This time Ryan Reynolds, the real life embodiment of the Merc with a Mouth, blew us away with the image of the X-Mansion, which is, by no big surprise, empty. LoL!

Thanks to Ryan, who spent seemingly every waking hour promoting the film, we know a few things about the Deadpool 2 we normally shouldn’t know. This time lead actor treated us to a photo of what is going to be the X-Mansion, a home of the X-Men. In the image caption Ryan, dressed in a costume of the Deadpool, wrote: “Dropped by the X-Mansion. Big fucking surprise. No one’s home.” Check out the picture below.

With work underway on the sequel and Josh Brolin hitting the gym hard, which you could see last week in one of our posts, and new cast members being announced — Reynolds, which is nothing strange at this point, has already begun teasing the upcoming film. There is also a new addition to the movie, and it is Shioli Kutsuna who is joining the cast in an undisclosed, get this, “key role” with Jack Kesy also being part of the crew as an unknown character. They are both to join already known Reynolds, Brolin (playing the character Cable), and Zazie Beats, who will portray Domino.

Besides this, we also have some news regarding the X-Men: Dark Phoenix, since we kinda brushed off the topic here. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the next sequel in the main series X-Men films, and it has announced the return of Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy, along with the rumored casting of Jessica Chastain. So far that is all, stay tuned for new updates which are definitely coming real soon.