MVP Candidates On Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys had two legitimate MVP candidates last year as they finished at the top of their conference with a 13-3 record. The only team that finished with a better record was the New England Patriots as they won one more game than the squad from Big D. But, they only had one MVP candidate. Dallas had two, and they were both rookies. The question is how many MVP candidates will they have in 2017?

With all due respect to Dez Bryant, we don’t see him ever competing for that award. He would really need to have a monster year in order to just be in the conversation. So, with him out of the way, the only two MVP candidates that the Dallas Cowboys have are Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott.

Elliot will again probably be in the race for the NFL’s leading rusher. The Cowboys are going to give him the ball, let him run behind this huge offensive line that is going to block for him and let him have all kinds of monster stats. Cowboys should be good, and Elliot should lead the way.

Prescott is not as good of a quarterback as Elliot is a running back, but he plays the most important position in this sport. When a team wins, the quarterback is praised, but when they lose, people are usually analyzing the play of a signal caller. If the Cowboys are able to at least come close to the level of play that they displayed a season ago, Dak Prescott will also find himself in the conversation for the Most Valuable Player award yet again in 2017.